360 Active Network Schools

360 HQ | Long Beach*

Art of Survival | La Mesa

K3 Krav Maga | Roseville

In Your Corner Training | Santee

Sleeping Tiger/360 Central Coast | San Luis Obispo

Krav Maga SLO | San Luis Obispo

Cayman Karate Academy/360 Cayman | George Town, Grand Cayman

Benefits of being a 360 Active Network School

Do you want to start a Krav Maga program at your school? Produce top-performing students? Have great classes? Improve retention? Take your program to the next level? 

Become an Active Network School, and discover our “secret sauce” to developing an amazing program that will help you and your students to have the best self defense training available.

Being an Active Network School includes all of the following:

  • Use of 360 logo
  • Curriculum
  • Lesson plans
  • Marketing materials
  • One on one mentoring
  • Instructor resources
  • and more!

What are you waiting for? Join now!

360 Active Network Regions

  • The 360 Active Network is divided into 6 regions
  • There are two trainings (Master Class) in each region every year
  • This regional training is a great way for people in the region to get together and practice, learn, and grow as a group
  • You can attend any Regional Master Class, regardless of what your home region is
  • There are seminars in addition to the Regional Master Classes in various locations