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About the network

The 360 Active Network was established to expand and grow the Krav Maga community. The Network is built around the idea that Krav Maga should incorporate knowledge from a variety of different disciplines and systems to provide the most effective method for self-defense. The Network is foremost about training, because that is the key to improvement. The Active Network is about its community and members, and helping everyone in Krav Maga and in other systems to grow as a whole. Being limited in your thinking will only stunt your growth.

Alan Predolin

Founder and Chief Instructor of 360 Krav Maga


2003 - Present

Owner/Chief Instructor 360 Krav Maga

Alann started his first class of 360 in a dance studio in 2003 in Long Beach, CA. He opened multiple locations in Southern CA, and years later decided to focus on his headquarters in Long Beach.


Director KMG North America

Alan was the North American Director of Krav Maga Global, where he worked closely with founder Eyal Yanilov. He was in charge of all instructor training and continuing education. He also ran camps, affiliate support, and testing/ranking. Alan was the first Expert and Expert 2 under Eyal in North America.


Director IKMF North America

Alan was the North American Director of the International Krav Maga Federation. Here he was responsible for instructor development including all instructor certifications, continuing education, camps, and affiliate support.

About Alan

Alan is from Vicenza, Italy. At the age of 21, he served in a special unit of the Italian Airborne.  In 1996 he moved to the US and joined the US Army, where he was in the 82nd Airborne. At the end of 1999, he got out of Active Duty and started training Krav Maga full-time in New York. In 2003 he moved to Los Angeles. He currently resides in Long Beach, CA with his daughter.



First exposure to Krav Maga in Israel while serving in the Italian Army


Alan and 2 partners started the first official Hand to Hand Course in his US Army Airborne Division


Started training Krav Maga full-time in New York


Attended Krav Maga Instructor Course under Haim Zut which was recognized by Wingate Sports Institute in Israel


Moved to Los Angeles and started 360 Krav Maga while also working at Krav Maga Worldwide


Launched the 360 Active Network


Krav Maga Black Belt/Expert 2
KM Military and Law Enforcement Instructor
Muay Thai Kru
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt

What do you get as a member of the Network?

  • Master class

Train and connect with other members of the Network and receive instruction from world-class instructors.

  • Ranking

Get ranked and earn different belts in Krav Maga through 360 Krav Maga.

  • Video turotials

Access to online courses complete with video tutorials for techniques and lesson plans.

  • Drill for Skill

Drill for Skill is a video bank with hundreds of drills that will enhance your and your students’ level.

  • Exclusive page

Access to the exclusive Facebook Page to connect with others in the Network, ask questions, and share ideas.

  • Business Resources

Resources to help grow your school and business including curriculum, sales help, and marketing assistance.

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